Federal Punch 10mm

It’s tough to find new loads from manufacturers in these crazy times, but Federal continues to innovate, as it fulfills about a billion dollars in backorders. New for 2021, Federal is introducing its all-new Punch 10mm loading. The Punch is designed for personal defense and features a 200-grain JHP traveling about 1,100 feet per second at the muzzle. The skived bullet jacket and soft lead core produce impressive expansion and industry leading penetration. Federal knows personal defense requires extreme reliability, which is why the Punch uses nickel-plated brass cases and seals the primer to ensure 100% ignition regardless of the environment you find yourself in. Pick up a couple of boxes when you find them for about $31 per box of 20. Contact Federal Premium; Tel.: (800) 831-8100; Web: www.federalpremium.com