DeSantis SIG P365/SureFire XSC Holster

DeSantis has, and always will be, a staple in the holster market; a manufacturer that is historically known for designing and producing some of the very best production leather holsters currently available. Three of its latest offerings are for the extremely popular SIG Sauer P365 pistol with SureFire’s new XSC, a duty-grade, concealed carry-specific weapon light for micro compact pistols. Adding a mounted light to your compact pistol is a no-brainer. The three initial holsters available to fit the P365/EXC option are DeSantis’ Thumb Break Mini Slide ($77) for an additional level of retention; the low-profile Mini Scabard ($64) and finally the Mini Slide ($76) which is very similar to the aforementioned Thumb Break Mini Slide, minus the thumb break. Pair either of these three holsters with a P365/Sure XSC and you’ve got a high-quality concealed carry package that oozes versatility. Contact DeSantis; Tel.: (631) 841-6300; Web: