Savage Impulse Rifles

Savage Impulse Rifles (From $1,380)

Speed is the name of the game. Savage’s all-new Impulse series feature a straight-pull action that is not only instinctive, but lightning fast and unlike anything else on the market. Traditional bolt actions require four motions to cycle a round; lift the handle up, pull it rearward, push it forward, and then press it downward to lock it in place. With a straight-pull design, you do just that — a straight pull rearward followed by a straight push forward. The only thing faster is a semiauto. The meat and potatos of how the action works will have to wait for a full-review, but suffice to say, the action is butter smooth and is dead reliable, just like everything Savage does. For more information contact Savage Arms; Tel.: (413)642-4260; web:

Savage Impulse Big Game
Savage Impulse Predator
Savage mpulse Hog Hunter