HK VP9 Long Slide OR Kit ($499)

Are you an HK VP9 owner looking to add a little more spice to your life? Is your gun set up exactly the way you’d like for concealed carry, but dream of trying your hand at competing in the USPSA Carry Optics Division, or perhaps assembling a night fighter assaulters pistol? Well, you’re in luck freund, HK has just released its new VP9L Optic Ready Kit. The kit comes with a new slide, barrel and recoil spring. The extended slide assembly features lightening cuts, high-contrast tritium powered, suppressor height night sights, and is optic cut and comes with a cover plate. Optic specific adapter plates are available from HK as an option to mount your preferred red dot sight to the slide. The 5-inch barrel is equipped with an o-ring barrel bushing for increased accuracy and consistent lock-up. It looks pretty darn good, and no-doubt will be a performance enhancer for an already stellar pistol. For more information contact Heckler & Koch USA; Tel.: (706) 568-1906; Web: