N8 Tactical Pro-Lock OWB Holster

N8 Tactical Pro-Lock OWB Holster ($49.95)

From a company that has specialized exclusively in inside-the-waistband holsters since their inception in 2009 comes their first outside-the-waistband holster—the Pro-Lock. The Pro-Lock is comprised of a combination of a molded, firearm specific clear-polycarbonate shell mated to a dual-layered premium cowhide backer—the latter making for comfortable all-day carry (noticeably more comfortable than straight kydex designs) and a body hugging profile. The flexible yet sturdy polymer 1-3/4” belt loops add to the comfort/profile equation. Possibly the most unique feature of the Pro-Lock is its “Secure Twist Release Retention System”, which requires you to twist the butt of the gun inwards towards the body for the trigger guard to drop below the retention bump and allow drawing of the weapon. It’s secure and it’s also quick.

Each holster not only comes with a lifetime warranty, but should you not like it as much as you hoped (you’ll like it, F.Y.I.), you also get a two-week “try if free guarantee” to remove all risk associated with the purchase. If comfort and security are of high priorities in a holster, you’ll want to check out N8 Tactical’s new Pro-Lock. See it at your dealer, or for more information contact N8 Tactical; Tel.: (888) 732-5011; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: www.n8tactical.com