Aero Precision EPC Components


In 2021, Aero Precision jumped into the expanding world of pistol caliber carbines (PCC) and making an instant splash with its new EPC, or Enhanced Pistol Caliber build components. EPC receiver sets share several features with Aero’s flagship M4E1 line, which is a good thing — due to a variety of reasons, they’re our preferred foundation for our own custom AR builds. The EPC lower receiver will use industry-standard Glock-pattern magazines and is compatible with most AR15 barrel nut/handguard combinations, including Aero’s own Atlas line. EPC barrels will be available in 9mm and .40 S&W to start, with four different barrel lengths ranging from 5.5-inches out to 16-inches in both pistol and rifle variants. Finally, bolt carrier groups, lower parts kits, furniture, and more are all available on the Aero site to complete your custom build. If you’re a PCC fan, you’ll want to check out these new EPC components. For more information, contact Aero Precision; Tel.: (253)272-8188; web: — Chris Mudgett