Trijicon DI Night Sights

Trijicon, the world leader in handgun night sights, has introduced the industry’s first user-replaceable fiber for easy installation in the field — currently available for select Glock, S&W, and Springfield Armory models ($150). DI night sights feature a chemical and heat resistant fiber finished with the same proprietary technique as the company’s popular ACOG optic. The fiber is coupled with a tritium lamp protected by an aluminum sleeve and capped with a sapphire jewel for added durability. This dual illumination technology amplifies collected light, ensuring an ultra-bright aiming point in any light — daylight, low light, and even complete darkness. The fiber optic and tritium vial are held in place by a sturdy housing machined from solid steel for durability, while a threaded black steel retainer located on the front sight allows the user to efficiently and quickly replace lost or damaged fiber pieces. DI night sights come from the factory with a .078″ green fiber preinstalled in the front sight and two extra green fiber replacements but can be further customized with up to 16 different fiber and retainer combinations. Contact Trijicon; Tel.; (800) 338-0563; Web: www.trijicon.comBill Battles