Seekins Havak HIT Rifle ($2,100)

We recently attended an editorial event where a HIT rifle was present, and to say everyone swooned over the platform is simply an understatement; and there were some very high-profile, very experienced personalities present. At this point, we’re pretty comfortable saying the HIT rifle is probably the most innovative, purpose-built, feature-rich chassis rifle we’ve seen to date. Utility, ease of use, and affordability are more than just buzz words when it comes to Glen Seekins’ HIT rifle.

With an integrated 20-MOA rail, recoil lug, extended-thread tenon, and flat bottom, its superior strength requires no need for bedding into the chassis. Seekins’ precision-manufacturing abilities (see what we did there) allow them to guarantee headspace while offering the shooter the ability to effortlessly change barrels. HIT barrel specifications are available open-source to anyone who wants to offer a drop-in barrel, which is a tremendous advantage for the end-user, as endless options will soon be available for the platform. A toolless bolt allows you to swap from standard to magnum calibers as you see fit. The HIT chassis is supremely comfortable right out of the box, allows toolless adjustment, and is fully foldable to stow within your pack. We’re going to stop right here, as the list of notable features cannot be covered within this section, so you’ll have to look at this as a preview of the full feature to come. For more information, contact Seekins Precision; Tel.: (208) 743-3400; Web: