B&T USA USW-320 Chassis

B&T USA USW-320 Chassis ($299)

Famed Swiss manufacturer B&T has extended its Universal Service Weapon (USW) line to include a polymer chassis that accepts SIG’s P320/M17 Fire Control Unit, or FCU. The USW-320 chassis weighs a whooping 3 ounces more than the same configuration as a pistol; to say it’s light and manageable would be an understatement, yet the capability and performance it brings the pistol is incredible, given its tiny package.

With the stock folded, the chassis can be shot just like a regular pistol. Need to make a long shot? Just unfold the stock. The side-folding stock is spring-loaded and deploys with the press of your trigger finger on a button just forward of the trigger guard on the right-hand side. With the stock extended, you move from two points of contact to four, greatly enhancing the stability of the unit. We could easily make consistent and repeatable IPSC head box shots at 50 yards off-hand and IPSC A-Zone hits at 100 yards. If you’re looking for an SMG-type solution that can be carried in a fanny pack-sized bag yet provides a considerable capability increase over a pistol, consider the USW-320.

Aftermarket braces are available for the chassis; otherwise you must register your FCU as a Short-Barreled Rifle with the BATF. A myriad of accessories are available for the USW-320, including several different holsters and chassis for Glock, CZ, and Walther handguns. For more information contact B&T USA; Tel.: (813) 653-1200; Web: www.bt-usa.com