Best of SHOT Show ’23 Award Winning – FN 510 Pistol: $1,140

FN 510 Pistol: $1,140

FN has been at the pistol game for a while now, and they have a hit on their hands with the 509-series pistols. The 509 was developed for the US Army’s modular handgun system and contained the DNA necessary to compete at a high level on today’s crowded field.

The all-new FN 510 Tactical carries an industry-first 22+1 rounds of 10mm Auto at the ready, giving you a backcountry lead-slinger with enough capacity to keep shooting until your target changes shape or catches on fire. But hanging onto all that capacity doesn’t matter if you can’t accurately put all those rounds on target. To that end, the 510 features FN’s Low Profile Optics Mounting System — a plate adapter design that facilitates the direct mounting of more than ten optics, all of which will co-witness with FN’s suppressor height sights, to include Leupold’s Delta Point Pro. It’s not a stretch to say that FN’s optic system is likely the best plate system in the business. All in all, the new 510 has all the elements onboard for a premium shooting experience, purpose-built into the most commanding semiauto backcountry pistol we’ve yet to come across. For more information, contact FN America; Tel.: (703) 288-3500; Web: