Best of SHOT Show ’23 Award Winning – Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter Rifle: $2,437

Best of SHOT Show ’23 Award Winning –  Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter Rifle: $2,437

Speed is the name of the game, and Savage’s all-new Impulse series features a straight-pull action that is not only instinctive but lightning fast and unlike anything else on the market — especially at this price point. Traditional bolt actions require four motions to cycle a round. Lift the handle up, pull it rearward, push it forward, and then press it downward to lock it in place. With a straight-pull design, you do just that — a straight pull rearward followed by a straight push forward; the only thing faster is a semiauto. The meat and potatoes of how the action works will have to wait for a full review, but suffice it to say the action is butter smooth and is dead reliable, just like everything Savages does.

Savage is taking innovation and accuracy to new heights with the introduction of its Impulse Mountain Hunter. With an exclusive Proof Research carbon-fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel and rugged polymer AccuStock buttstock, the Impulse can achieve lighter weights than ever before for higher altitude hunts and longer treks for big game than ever before. Pair that with the ability to stay on target in any high-adrenaline hunting scenario, and you have a winning combo. For more information, contact Savage Arms; Tel.: (413) 642-4260; Web: