Federal 22 WMR Punch

Federal 22 WMR Punch: $25.99

It’s important to keep in mind that different shooters have different needs, limitations, and firearms available to them. Most hardcore defense-oriented handgunners have not given rimfire much more than a passing thought about its practicality as a self-defense option — until now. Federal Premium recently released a 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire variant to its Punch Personal Defense line. These loads feature 45-grain nickel-plated lead-core bullets propelled to an extreme velocity (1,000 FPS) and engineered to minimize expansion to hit critical penetration depths when used in conjunction with short-barrel handguns. Stringent function testing ensures the most reliable ignition, cycling, and overall performance for a rimfire cartridge. So, whether you’re looking to carry a tiny backup to your EDC gun, don’t feel comfortable with centerfires, or simply want to get more versatility from your rimfire pistol, Punch offers additional options. For more information, contact Federal Premium; Tel.: (800) 379-1732; Web: www.federalpremium.com