Remington Golden Saber 10MM Auto

Remington Golden Saber 10MM Auto ($38.99 per box of 20)

We are always welcoming of additional 10mm Auto offerings, given our fascination and continual use of backcountry handguns chambered in this cartridge. Remington’s Golden Saber line has enjoyed a long history of high performance and reliability, which left us scratching our heads as to why a 10mm load had not been offered … until now.

Primarily designed for personal defense, this 180-grain projectile was developed specifically for the 10mm. Personal defense can mean different things to different people. While not a hunting round, per se, the Golden Saber shines as a two and four-legged predator defense load. Like all Golden Saber rounds, the round is bonded, allowing it to stay together even when shot through tough intermediate barriers or hides while still reliably expanding when it reaches a softer material. Remington’s 10mm loads are offered in JHP, Bonded JHP, and FMJ and are competitively priced. For more information contact Remington Ammunition; Tel.: (800) 243-9700; Web: