CrossBreed Confidant Multi-Fit Mag Carrier

CrossBreed Confidant Multi-Fit Mag Carrier ($29.95)

Many concealed carry practitioners rely on a rotation of carry guns to fit everything from weather conditions to perceived threat levels, with many other variables in between. Regardless of the reasoning, buying different carry rigs for each of your pistols can quickly become a budgetary and, ultimately, a storage issue.

With these concerns in mind, CrossBreed has released a new magazine carrier called the Confidant Multi-Fit. The Confidant is designed to securely accept a range of pistol magazines from multiple firearm manufacturers in assorted sizes, allowing you to use the same mag carrier for whichever flavor-of-the-day pistol you happen to be carrying. Thanks to a material combination of high-impact and flexible polymers, the Confidant is self-adjusting, creating a multi-fit design that expands when a magazine is inserted, all while retaining sufficient retention that never requires adjusting or fine-tuning. Some of the makes and models the Confidant is compatible with are Glock 17/22 & 43/48, SIG P320 & P365, S&W Shield, and the Springfield Hellcat — which is quite the accommodation — especially given the dimensional differences. For more information contact CrossBreed Holsters; Tel.: (888) 732-5011; Web: