Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Tripod

Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Tripod ($499.99)

Thanks to lighter weight, multipurpose gear, many hunters are finding themselves traveling deeper into the backcountry than ever before. When you’re many miles and a few mountain tops away from your truck or basecamp, it’s imperative to have light, durable, vetted gear you have confidence in. We’ve been huge fans of Primos Trigger Sticks, which are the definition of multipurpose and worthy of your hunting ensemble. Given this, our eyes perked up when we discovered the new Trigger Stick Apex.

The Trigger Stick Apex is unlike either first- or second-generation trigger sticks. Instead, the Apex model is more of a traditional tripod for more of a stationary shooting position instead of running and gunning like the former was designed to excel at. The Apex is more stable and features strong yet lightweight carbon fiber-wrapped aluminum legs that deploy quickly and can be adjusted on tricky terrain with a squeeze of the trigger. The Apex-Frame allows smooth panning to keep heavier rifles on target, from low seated shooting positions to nearly six-foot-high standing positions. If you’re a western hunter who hauls a load into spike camp on foot and sets up for those long shots, the Apex model is worthy of your consideration. For more information contact Primos; Tel.: (800) 423-3537; Web: