Winchester’s New 400 Legend Cartridge

Winchester’s New 400 Legend Cartridge

By: Ben Battles

Straight-walled perfection?

Even if you don’t reside in one of the states that prohibit hunting with a bottle-neck cartridge, any straight-walled cartridge fan out there has a new reason to get exited in 2024 — the 400 Legend. Building upon the success of the 350 Legend, the 400 takes the Legend line a few steps further, producing superior ballistics and terminal performance on medium to large-sized game, while still generating the moderate levels of recoil the 350 Legend is known for.

Comparing stats, the 400 Legend (far left) might be the most well-rounded straight-walled cartridge ever produced. Energy levels are 20 percent higher than the 30-30 Winchester cartridge (second from left), approach the levels of the 450 Bushmaster (third from left) but with 20 percent less recoil, and flat put the smackdown on the 12 GA slug with 100 percent more energy at 100 yards and with 55 percent less recoil.

By the numbers, 400 Legend energy levels are 25 percent higher than the 350 Legend, 20 percent higher than 30-30 Winchester, and come close to mirroring that of the 450 Bushmaster but with 20 percent less recoil. Comparing the 400 Legend to a 12-gauge slug, the 400 has 100 percent more energy at 100 yards with 55 percent less recoil. What does this all mean? The 400 Legend could be the perfect straight-walled cartridge for a LOT of hunters and shooters.

The 400 Legend will begin shipping in July, ahead of the fall hunting season. Three different loads will be available, including a 215-grain Power Point moving at 2,250 FPS and producing 2,316 ft-lbs of energy, a 190-grain Deer Season XP load leaving the muzzle at 2,400 FPS with 2,430 ft-lbs of energy, and the real surprise, a Super Suppressed load pushing a 300-grain Open Tip Range bullet at 1,060 FPS and generating 748 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. You can expect corresponding rifles to be produced by Mossberg, Ruger, Savage, CMMG, and Winchester Repeating Arms in the near future. For more information on the new 400 Legend, visit