2023 Editor’s Choice Award – B&T USA MARS 556 Suppressor

B&T USA MARS 556 Suppressor

The Swiss elves are at it again, this time producing one of the lightest and shortest combat-proven rifle suppressors currently available on the market today. Having put a significant number of rounds through the B&T suppressor before you since we first featured it in On Target’s annual AR Issue, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re simply astonished by its combination of durability, sound and flash-suppression levels, and uncanny lack of weight. The On Target Editors’ Choice Award-winning M.A.R.S., or Miniature Assault Rifle Suppressor, was developed following feedback from returning Special Operations Forces members based upon actual experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. The resulting MARS line of suppressors sets a new standard for small, light, ultra-durable, and effective assault rifle sound suppressors.

Want a suppressor you can hand down to your great-grandchildren? Using Laser Bed Fusion technology, both the baffle stack and suppressor body are 3D printed out of nearly indestructible 718 Inconel. The MARS is rated for full-auto fire with no barrel length restrictions, and the unique end cap works to kill flash signature.

Also available in 7.26 and 300 BLK-specific variants, the 5.56mm MARS tips the scales at just 10.9 ounces and adds just 3.9 inches to the overall length of your rifle. Typically, short and lightweight come with drawbacks, but seemingly not in this case. The MARS QD is manufactured using Laser Bed Fusion technology to 3D print the suppressor body and baffle stack of a nearly indestructible 718 Inconel, creating a suppressor with exceptional sound suppression capabilities, extreme durability, and unmatched longevity. Inconel is typically what is used in a rifle suppressor’s blast baffle due to its heat resistance and extreme durability. The MARS is almost wholly constructed of the material to create a suppressor that will last a literal lifetime. It’s also full-auto-rated and has no barrel length restrictions.

The MARS line is available in both direct-thread and QD models (tested), with the QD version shipping complete with the requisite flash-hider muzzle device. Weighing in at only 10.9 ounces and adding only 3.9 inches to the host weapon’s overall length, this suppressor goes all but unnoticed during weapon handling.

Smart engineering and a unique endcap contribute to industry-leading flash reduction to prevent the user from being spotted by opposing elements. The MARS is available in two mounting options: Direct Mount ($830) and Quick Disconnect ($950). A MARS Flash Hider is included with QD models. To see what might be the most durable 5.56mm suppressor in existence, visit your nearest B&T dealer, or for more information, contact B&T USA directly at Tel.: (813)653-1200; Web: https://bt-usa.comChris Mudgett