Maxim Defense PDX-SD 300BLK & 7.62×39

Maxim Defense PDX-SD 300BLK & 7.62×39 ($3,695)

Maxim Defense has made a name for itself in the rifle-caliber PDW space. One of the drawbacks to such a short barrel is the sheer amount of blast associated with it, particularly in 5.56. Now, when you need a concealable PDW, compromises must be made, and we’d rather endure headache-inducing decibels for a short time than the old long dirt nap. Yet, with an integrally suppressed platform, are there really any compromises at all? Maxim Defense would argue no and just introduced their PDX-SD in two new calibers for 2024: 300BLK and 7.62×39.

Specially designed for compactness without sacrificing performance, the PDX-SD sets a new benchmark in rifle-caliber PDWs. The built-in “soup can” silencer, with its handguard matching outer diameter of 2.25 inches, significantly reduces noise and gas emissions, making it stealthier and more comfortable to operate. The PDX-SD is not just a combination of a rifle and a suppressor. Instead, Maxim Defense conceived it as an integrated system where each component works harmoniously. See it at your dealer, or for more information, contact Maxim Defense; Tel.: (239) 580-7800; Web: