LUTH-AR MBA-3 Carbine Stock

By  Charles Anderson


LUTH-AR built their name on making a highly adjustable and lightweight A2 rifle stock for the AR platform. As of late, they’ve expanded their portfolio to compete in the ever-popular Carbine market. The brand new MBA-3 Carbine stock ($159.95) takes everything we loved about the MBA-1 and makes it work on adjustable-length Mil-spec and commercial carbine buffer tubes. As far as adjustable carbine stocks go, you won’t find one with more adjustments than the MBA-3. Made from reinforced, glass-filled nylon, this stock is shockingly lightweight at only 18 ozs. That’s roughly half the weight of comparative stocks. The stock is adjustable on three axes, making it fit just about any shooter. Length of pull is adjustable from 15-5/8” extended to 11-11/16” collapsed. In addition to the L.O.P. adjustments the MBA has a vertical comb adjustment range of up to one inch above standard height for perfect alignment with your optic or around your armor chest plate. It also offers lateral adjustment of up to a 1/2” inch either direction to create a left or right cast.

While black is the only color option currently available, FDE and pink are on the horizon. See them at your dealer, or contact LUTH-AR; Tel.: (763) 263-0166; Web: