Stark SCAR Pistol Grip

Stark Grips has just announced a new model pistol grip for the FNH USA SCAR carbine similar in appearance to their AK pistol grip. We’ve become big fans of Stark Grips over the last year or so, and many of our staffers have them installed on their personal ARs The new SCAR pistol grip will fit both the SCAR 16 (5.56 NATO) and SCAR 17 (7.62 NATO), making it particularly use to SCAR aficionados who own both rifles. The new SCAR grip has all the same ergonomic features of Stark AR Grips, including the patented hand-stop, unique grip angle, storage compartment, durable texture and on-board storage for CR123 batteries in the bottom plug (a AA battery plug is available separately). The SCAR pistol grip is designed to maximize weapon control, reduce shooting fatigue and support a solid tactical platform. Each crucial point of shooter-to-weapon contact has been carefully thought out, tested by professionals, and optimized to benefit the SCAR user in every type of situation. The rugged, textured material is resistant to weather extremes, chemical exposure and any kind of abuse you can hand out. Contact Stark Equipment Corp.; Tel.: (603-556-7772; Web: