Best Of Shot Show 26 of 38: Sneaky Bags Sentinel Bag

Tactical backpacks have reached epic proportions. Just about everyone is trying to one up the last bag released. This usually means more Velcro, more MOLLE, more compartments and more gadgets than the last guy. Sneaky Bags, a long-term government contractor, has taken the exact opposite approach. Designed in partnership with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts, the new Sentinel Bag ($145) is made from 1000 Denier nylon and has a volume of 1,620 cubic inches. It is ultra low profile with no external MOLLE or Velcro. This inconspicuous bag opens up to a bevy of well thought out, highly configurable storage options. Sneaky-Bags-1The D-Ring system they have utilized allows for internal storage of smaller bags, creating multi-mission configurability, with compartmentalized adaptable storage. Instead of all your gear being secured to a rear panel, it will hang at different depths allowing more stuff to be carried in less space. Both the large and small compartments offer Velcro attachable MOLLE webbing as well, providing the best of both worlds. You can order it on Sneaky Bags website (, or by phone at (727) 228-4520.