Final Thoughts

LWRCI’s DI 556 is as good as any top-tier AR I have tested from any major manufacturer. Short of a custom rifle it just does not get any better. Everything on this rifle is top notch and built to last. It is built to the hilt, designed for anything you can throw at it. The gas block is robust, pinned, and properly gassed. Forged receivers are incredibly strong and light, and these are among the best. LWRCI’s enhanced bolt carrier group only adds to the longevity, reliability and maintainability. Their barrels are among the best in the industry. Fluting keeps the weight down, and adds a nice look. Handguards are smooth, strong and versatile. Everything about this rifle is built for those whose lives depend on its operation. If that’s you, make sure you look at the LWRCI-DI 556. For more information, contact LWRCI, Dept OT; Tel.: (410) 901-1348; Web: www.lwrci.com


Caliber/Gauge:            5.56mm NATO

Barrel:                        16.1 Inches

OA Length:                  32 Inches (collapsed)

Weight:                       6.7 pounds

Sights:                        None provided

Stocks/Grips:              Magpul MOE grip/LWRCI DI handguard/LWRCI short stock

Action:                        Semi-automatic/rotating bolt/direct gas impingement

Finish:                         Black

Capacity:                     Accepts standard AR-15/M16 magazines

Price:                          $1,599.00


Load                                                                       Velocity                      Accuracy

Black Hills 69-grain TMK                                        2,900  f.p.s.               0.84 inches

Winchester 69-grain Match                                    2,880  f.p.s.               0.95 inches

Silver State Armory 77-grain OTM                          2,650  f.p.s.               1.00 inches

Barnes 70-grain TSX                                              2,800  f.p.s.               0.60 inches

Hornady 60-grain V-MAX                                        2,950  f.p.s.               0.80 inches


Velocity measured using a Pro Chrony Digital chronograph. Accuracy is the for three 5-shot groups fired at 100 yards. All groups fired from prone position using a sandbag rest.