New Handgun Gear & Accessories

    Innovative Gunfighter Solutions Enhanced Duty Triggers

    IGFS TriggerThe Enhanced Duty Trigger is machined from a solid block of aluminum and hard coat anodized for unmatched wear resistance. It is compatible with almost every Glock pistol covering GEN 1 through GEN 4 models Retail pricing is either $145 or $155 depending upon model. Designed for the rigorous tasks of concealed carry or duty use, the flat trigger face allows you to depress the trigger straighter to the rear with less sight deviation at the time the shot breaks, increasing accuracy at all distances. The front vertical trigger serrations provide a perfect non-slip surface under recoil while shooting in adverse conditions or while wearing gloves. With the pre-travel reduction designed into the trigger itself, it has a very short take up while retaining all of the Glock factory trigger safeties. All Enhanced Duty Triggers ship with a factory style connector for an average 4 to 4.5 lb. break. Contact Innovative Gunfighter Solutions, Dept. OT; Tel. (248) 714-8054; Web:

    Pachmayr Grip Extenders

    PachmayerPachmayr’s new Grip Extenders adapt full-size magazines for use with compact handguns. They simply slip over the magazine floor plate and do not add to magazine capacity. Grip Extenders allow you greater shooting capability by increasing the gun’s grip size and capacity with additional rounds. Carry your compact pistol with a standard magazine when concealment is important, or insert a high capacity magazine fitted with a Pachmayr Grip Extender for range use or where concealment is not an issue. All priced at $11.98, Grip extenders are available for Glock models 19/23/32 using G17/22/31 mags; G26/27 with G17/22 or G19/23 mags; G29/30 using G20/21 mags; Springfield sub-compact XD9/XD40 with full size XD9/XD40 mags; XD45 Compact with full-size XD45 mags; Kahr PM9 with P9 mags; Kahr MK9 with K9 mags; M&P 9C/40C using M&P 9/40 mags; 1911 Officer model with Government model mags; and Para P10 with P13 or P14 mags. Contact Pachmayr, Dept. OT; Tel. (800) 225-9626; Web:

    Aguila Ammo New .40 S&W Loads

    Aguila-40-1Aguila, the up and coming ammo maker, is introducing two new .40 S&W loads. Both utilize Aguila’s 180-grain jacketed hollowpoint bullet with a high sectional density to ensure deep penetration and full controlled expansion. The standard-pressure load was designed as a personal defense round for home use or with a carry pistol. It offers a muzzle velocity of 920 f.p.s. and muzzle energy of 338 ft. lbs. The second load is an overpressure  +P variant that really ups the ante on speed and kinetic energy. It drives the same bullet to an impressive 1,100 f.p.s. and develops 484 ft. lbs. of energy at the muzzle. Loaded with Aguila’s “Non-Corr’ primers, complete reliability in all weather conditions is ensured. Pricing on these two loads was not available at press time. Contact Aguila Ammunition, Dept. OT; Tel. (888) 452-4019; Web:

    Tactical Walls 812PLS Concealment Shelf

    Tactical-Walls-1New from Tactical Walls comes the 812PLS (Pistol Length Shelf) Concealment Shelf ($179). The 812PLS is a surface mounted concealment shelf that looks like an ordinary, classically designed shelf. But inside is a medium-density-foam-lined, hidden compartment measuring 8” D x 12’ W that will hold a full-size pistol or revolver. Installation is as easy as hanging any common shelf. To access the secret compartment, simply disengage the hidden lock with the supplied key. The bottom half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of a pneumatic strut. Your cache is in your hands at a moment’s notice. The 812PLS is hand crafted in the United States with Birch plywood and real U.S. sourced poplar. It was designed for use with standard 2” x 4” stud framing. Maximum recommended contents weight is 10 lbs. inside, plus another 10 lbs. on top. Each shelf is pre-assembled, and finish options include Early American, Dutch Walnut, Cherry, Black, White and unfinished. Optional L.E.D. interior lighting is available. Contact Tactical Walls, Dept. OT; Tel. (540) 298-8906; Web: