Eley Match Hunting Ammo For Hunters!

Eley is best known for competition ammunition, but they make the very best .22 ammo for hunters. Subsonic Hollowpoints I fired recently in a CZ 455 sporter cut a 50-yard group miking 0.35”. Hoo boy! Squirrels had better get topside of thick limbs!

Eley boxes an astonishing variety of .22 ammunition. Besides Tenex (their top match load) and Match, I’ve seen Club, Target Rifle and Standard, plus Silhouex for metallic silhouettes, all with 40-grain bullets at 1,085 f.p.s. The 37.5-grain Subsonic Hollowpoints are loaded to 1,050 f.p.s. in rifles; so too 40-grain Subsonic Solids. A .22 Short Solid—the only offering to my knowledge that isn’t Long Rifle—spits 29-grain bullets at 950 f.p.s. Ammo like this that can shoot into one hole makes you feel like a champion! Contact Eley, Dept. OT; Tel.: +44 (0) 121 313 4567; Web: www.eley.co.uk