AT Armor Ceramic/Poly Stand Alone Plates

    AT Armor has developed poly monolithic ballistic ceramic blend armor plates. Ceramic plates fracture when hit, and the result is that the bullet in having to make thousands of small fractures is slowed, stopped and ground down to sand simultaneously. The other huge advantage of ceramic plates is they are really lightweight compared to their steel counterparts. AT Armor plates weigh as little as 4 pounds each, in contrast to steel plates that often weigh in the 8- to 9-pound range. The difference in body fatigue is drastic, making ceramic the preferred choice for sustained operations.

    The addition of poly monolithic materials allow thinner, reinforced ceramic plates to stop many armor piercing threats. The reduced thickness can be as great as 0.4 inches, so when looking at two plates that’s up to 0.8 inches of additional clearance when fully kitted up. If you ever need to use these plates in a confined area you’ll most certainly appreciate the slimming effect.

    By combining the materials AT Armor is also able to make multi-hit capable plates. Since ceramic plates fracture and break down they are often not multi-hit rated. Also, they are vulnerable to fast, hardened steel projectiles that are considered armor piercing.

    AT Armor plates incorporate an advanced dual-curve design that makes the plate lie closer to your body than a single-curve plate. While not inexpensive (STOP Plates start at $429.95 per plate and BZ plates start at $879.95 per plate), they cost a lot less than a funeral. Contact AT Armor, Dept. OT; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: