Howa Miniaction 7.62x39mm Rifle

The free-floating, 20-inch lightweight barrel option helps contribute to the rifle’s feathery 5.7-pound dry weight.

The empty weight of our sample gun with Nikko Stirling scope, rings and bases installed was only 6 lbs. 12.5 oz., making this an ideal choice for kids, adults of smaller stature or any one else who is averse to a 10-pound gun.

We tested the Miniaction 7.62x39mm at 100 yards from a bench rest using a variety of 7.62x39mm ammo. Reliability and functioning were flawless with everything we fired, and perceived recoil was very light. Testing ammunition included the aformentioned Hornady 123-gr SST load, Corbon’s 125-gr. JHP Hunter load, and Wolf’s 124-gr. FMJ  Military Classic and 123-gr. FMJ Performance loads. All ammunition was proved capable of sub-two-inch three-shot groups, but—as we’ve seen many times before—the Hornady load stole the show with a mighty impressive 0.74” group. Proving it was no fluke, this rifle/ammunition combination printed several other sub-M.O.A. groups, and thanks to its superb performance, the Howa now goes on record as the most-precise 7.62x39mm-chambered firearm On Target has tested to date.

When ordered 5 as a turn-key package, you’ll get a Nikko Stirling 3-9x40mm scope and pair of rings and bases. The Kryptek highlander stock is one of multiple color/pattern options.

See the Howa Miniaction 7.62x39mm at your gun shop, or contact Legacy Sports International, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 5-LEGACY; Web: