Walker’s Razor Series Electronic Earmuffs

By Frank Melloni

Walker’s new Razor Series shooter earmuffs ($69.99 in black, flat dark earth, teal and pink; $79.99 in Kryptek camo) are the perfect solution to protecting your hearing, while enhancing your ability to hear range commands and whatever game you might be pursuing. The new earmuffs feature a slim profile that won’t obstruct a proper cheek weld, even in the unconventional shooting positions associated with hunting and competitive shooting. The ultra slim package also takes up minimal room in your range bag thanks to the collapsible design. They feature omni directional microphones connected to HD speakers allowing you to hear naturally and pick up even the gentlest of footsteps in the woods.

Not hunting? Then take advantage of the 3.5mm jack to hook up some tunes or patch in a buddy on the other side of the range via walkie-talkie or cell phone. The entire unit is powered by 2 AAA batteries and comes ready to go with two Duracells included. We especially appreciated the external battery door, bypassing the need to remove the foam from inside of the muffs. Just one large knob turns them on or off and adjusts volume as well. Even with gloves on it was very easy to manipulate. The overall simplicity of the controls eliminates the need to take them off your head to figure out which button does what. Contact Walker’s Game Ear, Dept. OT; Tel.: (877) 269-8490; Web: www.gsmoutdoors.com