Starline Bottleneck Rifle Brass

Most handloaders are familiar with Starline brass, but may not realize that Starline makes only straight-wall handgun and rifle cases. Starline has been making .32-20 Win. and .458 SOCOM brass for some time, but both have such mild bottlenecks that they don’t require neck annealing. Well, Starline now has the ability to anneal case necks, and they’re starting to crank out bottleneck rifle cartridges. The first case in production is the .308 Win., with the .300 Blackout next and the .223 Rem. to follow.

I buy Starline brass whenever I can, because the quality is just so good. There’s never a dinged case mouth or other deficiency, I get half again the number of reloads as I do with other case brands and I’ve never experienced a case head failure, cracked case wall or other type of case failure. Contact Starline Brass, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 280-6660; Web: