SureFire MasterFire Rapid Deploy Holster

Every pistol released easily, even when suppressed. The MasterFire holds the pistol at an angle that releases slightly forward and up. Accessing the thumb release was pretty natural with room for gloves. My all steel 6-inch 1911 has a rail and RMR and weighs a bunch, but it was held securely with no movement.

Engagement is solid making even this all steel long slide 1911 east to carry without interfering with the RDS. Pistols, even suppressed, clear the sides of body armor allowing for quick access without sticking out to far.

Activate the switch and it turns on the light (in any combination) when drawn. Insert and it turns off. Switched off it works like any holster. Turning the lock secures it, but cannot be drawn until unlocked, so be cognizant when crawling or rolling on the ground. Adding a suppressor made it barrel heavy as you would expect, but it worked great and did not interfere with any gear. Just make sure your pants are heat resistant if you intend to work the pistol hard and re-holster as it sits very close to your thigh.

SureFire has hit a homerun with the new MasterFire holster, allowing competent deployment of a weaponlight, suppressor and red-dot-equipped pistol like no other holster on the market.

Overall a tight package, that worked great. No bigger or bulkier than most light-capable duty rigs. Understand your pistol is completely exposed to the elements and environment, including your RMR if attached. Be cognizant of your suppressor if hot. Otherwise it is light, strong, and never came loose under use. It makes moving between pistols a breeze, perfect for me. Retail on the holster is $169.00, capable lights range from $159.00 (Polymer LED) to $799.99 (Green LED laser). It’s only available in a right hand model so far. If you want to deploy a suppressor, this is one of the best holsters I’ve seen so far and looks to be capable of pretty much any duty application and even a few hunting situations. See it at your firearms retailer, or contact Surefire, LLC, Dept. OT; Tel.: (800) 828-8809; Web: