2017 ROKON Mototractor

One of the biggest changes in comparison to our 2002 bikes is the addition of ROKON’s patented AutoGrab front suspension, which noticeably helps to smooth out the ride . . . especially as the pace picks up. Suspension was not an option on our older bikes (and if you want to save a little money, the less-expensive Scout model still doesn’t have any), so we resorted to running our tires at a super-low 2-P.S.I. to better soak up the rocks and roots. While the ride improved, the adverse side effect was undesirable, imprecise handling. With the AutoGrab up front, we found that we’re able to comfortable run the tires at 3-4 P.S.I. and keep predictable handling intact.

Got yourself in a bind? Not the type who likes to give up and turn around? Don’t worry; on a ROKON, you don’t have to. If you encounter a water crossing that’s too deep to drive through, simply lay the ROKON over on its right (non air-intake) side and float it across.

Fit to the Mototractor model are ROKON’s signature hollow-aluminum wheels, which—if the occasion calls for it—will each hold 2.5-gallons of either water or fuel. With the wheels loaded down with fuel, and the 2.7-gallon fuel tank topped off, the ROKON is capable of an incredible range of about 600 miles. These wheels also allow for one of the most unique ROKON capabilities; they will actually float the bike. Yes, that’s right—if the wheels are empty, these bikes will float. Now, you won’t be riding atop the bike while it’s floating, as you’ll have to lay it down on its left side and actually swim next to it, but put in a pickle, it’s nice to know that deep water is not a “game-over” obstacle. The Mototractor model comes standard with 25-inch-tall Maxxis Bighorn tires (which we’ve always had great luck with), but we checked the box and upgraded to a set of 26-inch, 8-ply GBC Grim Reaper tires to ensure that traction never would be an issue, that we gained a little additional ground clearance, and that a flat tire simply was not going to happen (these things are bulletproof.)

Like the rest of the line, the Mototractor is equipped with a three-speed transmission, with high, medium and low ranges—all shifted via a push/pull knob on the right-hand side. In high-range, top-speed is 35 M.P.H., which has always been entirely sufficient for the type of ground we cover on these bikes.

Another advantage to the ROKON—especially if you drive an SUV and not a pickup—is that it can be transported on one of the common trailer-hitch-mounted carriers. The bike shown here is the new blacked-out ROKON For Preppers model, which you’ll get a chance to read about in an upcoming issue of On Target.

In the end, after owning my fair share of Jeep’s, 4×4 ATVs/UTVs and dirtbikes, I can still say that the ROKON is still the most capable motorized vehicle I’ve ever piloted offroad—made even more so through recent advancements. You might not get there quite as fast, but you can rest assured . . . you’ll get there. Check out a ROKON at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact ROKON; Dept. OT; Tel.: (603) 335-3200; E-mail: [email protected]; Web: www.rokon.com