New-for-2017 Hunting Gear & Accessories

Zeiss Mobile Hunting & Shooting App

Zeiss has developed a downloadable Mobile Hunting & Shooting App for users of their proprietary ballistic reticles and target knobs—and it’s free! The app works on Apple iOS and Android devices, even if you don’t have a cell signal of WiFi access. It’s loaded with useful features, including a ballistic calculator for precise long-range shots, GPS tagging for scouting or hunting data, field notes journal with photo capture function, detailed global weather forecasting, compass function, glare-free automatic night mode and customizable dashboard. Characteristics of different calibers and loads, as well as the effect of current weather conditions and the inclination angle at the point of impact, can be precisely determined from an extensive database containing over 5,000 calibers and cartridges. If a shot is fired, it can be easily tagged by GPS through the shooter’s and target’s positions, and then displayed on the map. The App can be downloaded from the Zeiss website at:

Black Hills’ .44 Magnum Honey Badger Load

Black Hills has just introduced a new .44 Magnum load in its Honey Badger Series: a 160-gr. hollowpoint bullet at 1,800 f.p.s., generating muzzle energy of 1,151 ft. lbs. The jacketed hollow-point bullet is of unspecified manufacture, but you can bet it’s a premium brand.

Black Hills’ original Honey Badger loads in .380 and .38 Special were loaded with non-expanding, Lehigh Defense, solid copper, Extreme Penetrator bullets with three or four deep scallops around their circumference. These cuts extended to the bullet nose, where they come to together creating a sharp-edged star, rotating to force tissues outward as the bullet penetrates deeply. Why Black Hills switched its Honey Badger Line to traditional hollow-point bullets goes unanswered, but knowing Jeff Hoffman at Black Hills, it must have been for a good reason. See them t your gun shop, or contact Black Hills Ammunition, Dept. OT; Tel.: (605) 348-5150; Web: