Black Hills HoneyBadger Handgun Ammo

Developed in concert with Lehigh Defense, Black Hills has created three new loads for their solid copper, non-expanding, non-deforming and non-fragmenting HoneyBadger pistol bullets with large machined flutes and hard cutting edges that literally and efficiently cut through barriers that plug conventional hollowpoints, while creating larger, deeper wound paths.Originally (and still) offered in .380 Auto 60-gr. (1,150 f.p.s./176 ft. lbs.) and .38 Special 100 gr. (1,275 f.p.s./361 ft. lbs.), this year’s three new loads in the HoneyBadger series consist of a 9mm 125-gr. (1,050 f.p.s/306 ft. lbs.), a .45 ACP 135-gr. (1,325 f.p.s/526 ft. lbs.) and for hunting or defense against four-legged predators, a .44 Magnum 160-gr. (1,800 f.p.s./1,151  ft. lbs.).

The HoneyBadger 9mm and .45 ACP were designed to provide optimum performance in ballistic gelatin while avoiding over-penetration. See them at your dealer, or for more information contact Black Hills Ammunition; Tel.: (605) 348-5150; Web: