NovX Extreme Performance 9mm Ammunition

NovX Ammunition has come up with an almost unbelievable 9mm defensive round. It propels a 65-grain 9mm +P ARX poly/copper matrix bullet to a muzzle velocity of 1,710 f.p.s. (1,655 f.p.s. printed on the box) generating 422 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy at the muzzle (395 on the box). The poly/copper bullet is 40% lighter than lead, but is harder than both lead and copper. The bullet has three deep flutes that create wound channels never before seen in 9mm bullets. It penetrates automotive glass and sheetmetal, but breaks apart upon impact with impenetrable barriers like hardened steel, greatly reducing the risk of richochet.

Its lightweight  NovX SST NAS3 shell casing combines a stainless steel upper section for strength and reduced expansion, with a lower portion containing the primer pocket made from nickel-plated 7078 hardened aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. According to NovX, the combination of light, fluted, poly/copper bullet and hybrid stainless steel/aluminum case create unprecedented penetration and huge wound channels in soft tissue, reduced recoil, higher velocities and less bullet drop for quicker, more accurate follow-up shots. They also offer a ballistcally matched, round-nose trainer/competition round. Pick up a box at your dealer, or for more information contact NovX Ammunition by e-mail through their website at