Thyrm CLENS Lens Covers

If you’ve ever employed sacrificial goggle “tear-offs” when riding your dirtbike or ATV in muddy, dusty or otherwise vision-inhibiting conditions, you know the value of clear vision. Thyrm’s weaponlight-lens covers are essentially the same idea, and fix what has always been a difficult-to-rectify situation—carbon-coated lenses due to muzzle blast. Removing light-diminishing, baked-on carbon from a weaponlight lens usually requires more than the swipe of a rag, with some sort of solvent and elbow grease also coming into play. These little inexpensive-gems from Thyrm are a simple peel ‘n stick affair, and as soon as one becomes sufficiently dirty, simply peel it off, discard and slap a fresh one on.

To ensure it stays put until you deem it’s necessary to replace, the CLENS covers feature a mild-adhesive backing. Made from a heat-resistant clear polymer, one sheet of CLENS covers ($8.99) includes four of each of the three most common lens sizes for pistol and long-gun weaponlights. For more information check out the new CLENS lens covers at