SIG Doubles Down on Ammo

The SIG HT line of rifle hunting ammo with all-copper bullets is currently available in the newly added 6.5mm Creedmoor, .223 Rem., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag, and 300 Blackout, both supersonic and subsonic. SIG has optimized the HT ammo to feed well in AR-platform rifles, and claims consistent 1.8 times diameter expansion for the hunting bullets with minimal velocity variation from cartridge to cartridge. There are plans to expand the line to include the most popular standard hunting cartridges.

1—Red dye shows the impressive wound channel of SIG Elite HT 308 Win. 150-grain round, stepping out at 2,641 fps from a 16-inch barrel, penetrating 26 inches in ballistic gelatin.
2 & 3—This image shows the devastating wound channel of a SIG Elite V-Crown 240-grain 44 Mag. round, which achieved 17 inches of penetration and perfectly-mushroomed expansion.
4—V-Crown ammo is tested to meet FBI protocol penetration requirements through barrier material including heavy clothing, galvanized 20-gauge sheet metal, 1-1/2 inches of drywall, 3/4-inch plywood and car windshield glass.

There’s also a new line of SIG Varmint & Predator (V&P) ammo. It differs from its nickel-plated-case brethren by utilizing brass cases, thin jackets and light-for-caliber bullets. Currently loaded in .223 Rem. .22-250 Rem. and .243 Win., these yellow-tipped rounds are designed to deliver higher, more consistent velocities, flatter trajectories and explosive expansion.

Prefer to roll your own? SIG also sells a range of reloading components.

Also new this year is an innovative 220-grain 300 Blackout V-Crown subsonic round, designed initially to allow military customers to load 30 rounds in a 30-round magazine and have it feed without issue, unlike many subsonic 300 Blackout loads with expanding bullets. This load is a natural for hunters to use suppressed for relatively close-range (100 to150 yard) hog hunting.

Will SIG’s big investment pay off? I wouldn’t bet against it. SIG won’t release detailed numbers, but sales growth has essentially doubled every year from 2014 through 2016. Some big customers such as Cabelas are already onboard, attracted by SIG’s ability to produce quality ammo at an affordable price, and others are sure to follow as SIG ammunition proves itself in the field and gains a larger following. For more information, contact SIG Sauer, Dept OT; Tel: (603) 610-3000; Web: