Walker’s Silencer In-The-Ear Earbuds

Like a suppressor in the ear, Walker’s new Silencer In-The-Ear Earbuds ($229.95) have integrated Omni directional microphones and full dynamic range speakers that deliver a crisp clear sound. Along with the advanced technology, Silencer provides a comfort level above and beyond similar products by incorporating Walker’s patented Secure Lock fit system. Three different sized contoured fins and foam buds allow for a customized fit. Sound Activated Compression protects hearing with an instantaneously activated system that provides 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating. Full Dynamic Range Speakers deliver crisp clear sound through the units’ OS-R3110 digital sound processors, fed by integrated omni directional microphones. Other features include independent volume controls and on/off power switches for each ear, baffled silicone and foam ear buds in three sizes each, a removable lanyard and carry case. They are powered by standard size-10 hearing aid batteries (four included) that provide approximately 80 hours of battery life. Contact GSM Outdoors; Tel.: (877) 269-8490; Web: www.gsmoutdoors.com