New Black Hills HoneyBadger Loads

Black Hills has added two new loads to its super-performing HoneyBadger line of defensive handgun cartridges, including a 100-gr. 9mm and a 125.-gr. .44 Special. Both are loaded with solid copper, non-deforming, non-fragmenting bullets with wide, sharp flutes. Think ballistic broadheads that cut through barriers that cause standard hollow-points to fail. When striking the target, HoneyBadger bullets reliably penetrate to consistent depths, while out performing conventional hollow-points in depth of penetration and width of the wound cavity.

The 100-gr. 9mm HoneyBadger bullet exist the muzzle at 1,300 f.p.s. and produces a wound cavity over three inches long and over 15 inches deep. The 125.-gr. .44 Special has a muzzle velocity of 1,275 f.p.s., penetrates over 17 inches and produces a wound cavity over 2.75 inches in diameter. Also available in the HoneyBadger line is a 60-gr. .380 ACP at 1,150 f.p.s., a .38 Special at 1,275 f.p.s., a 125-gr. 9mm at 1,050 f.p.s., a 160-gr. .44 Mag. at 1,800 f.p.s. and a 135-gr. .45 ACP at 1,325 f.p.s. This stuff will save your bacon!

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