We had a blast testing the TCR22, as it’s accurate, reliable (we had zero malfunctions) and a rifle you can shoot all day long with minimal ammunition investment. It’s also backed by T/C’s lifetime warranty and is, handily, compatible with most aftermarket 10/22 accessories.

The Magpul-produced, one-piece, olive drab composite stock has a perfectly flat forearm, which makes it conducive to shooting off a rest. It features a horizontally serrated and textured, ergonomically pleasing pistol grip, horizontally serrated black butt plate, sling swivel attachment points front and rear, and M-LOK cuts on the underside of the forearm for mounting a bi-pod or other accessories. We felt that the height of the comb was about perfect for a mounted optic, but a tad high for use with the open sights. You can’t have it both ways without an adjustable comb, so we figure the comb height is about right, as most people will mount a red-dot or magnifying optic on the Picatinny top rail.

Even with the handicap of no magnification, we had little trouble holding 1.5-inch and below 5-shot groups at 50-yards with the lightweight TCR22. The best performance from the 50-yard line came with Federal Premium 40-gr. match hollow point, delivering this 0.90-inch group.

With a lightweight, non-magnifying Burris FastFire red-dot optic, 200-plus rounds of reliability testing was conducted at 25 to 100-yards on .22-class steel plate targets, with no malfunctions of any type encountered. Accuracy testing from a sand bag rest at 50-yards using multiple brands/grain weights of ammunition and with a Gemtech lightweight and ultra-quiet Gemtech GM-22 sound suppressor threaded to the muzzle. The TCR22 showed no real preference in the ammo department, but did do its best work with Federal Premium match hollow point Small Game load, printing a 0.90-inch 5-shot group. We consider this excellent performance from a lightweight rimfire rifle and no magnification.

If you’re in the market for a top-quality, accurate, reliable, lightweight and streamlined semi-auto .22 rifle, the T/C R22 should be at the top of your list. See the new 2018 On Target Editors’ Choice Award winning T/C R22 at your local firearms dealer, or for more information contact Thompson/Center Arms; Tel.: (866) 730-1614; Web: www.tcarms.com