Sig Sauer P320 TAC OPS Carry/SRD9 Suppressor

Sig Sauer’s P320 is incredibly versatile. Designed with modularity at its core, it can be configured or re-configured to accomplish just about any task. Using interchangeable slides and grip frames, the sky is the limit. One of the more sought-after configurations is the TAC OPS Carry. With its full-sized grip frame and compact slide, the TAC OPS Carry is perfect on or off duty.

The P320 TAC OPS Carry ships with a 4.6-inch stainless-steel barrel threaded at the metric 13.5 x 1 left-hand pitch. Ambi slide-stop and reversible mag release button are both exceedingly easy to manipulate.

Four 21-round extended magazines are supplied, and it will accept standard-capacity 17-round magazines. Suppressor-height night sights complement the threaded barrel for suppressor use. Retaining all the features the P320 is known for, like a solid and crisp trigger, soft recoil, and excellent accuracy, the TAC OPS Carry is ready for anything.

SRD9 Titanium Pistol Suppressor

Tritium-equipped, suppressor-height SIGLIGHT Night Sights are part of the TACOPS package.

Sig Sauer’s SRD9 Titanium pistol suppressor is the perfect match for the P320 TAC OPS Carry. Stainless steel baffles keep it running for a lifetime, and the Grade 8 Titanium outer tube keeps it strong and light. User serviceable, it can be easily maintained when using rimfire ammunition or during round-intensive training. Numerous boosters are available to accommodate most pistols, pistons threaded in 1/2 x 28 and 13.5 x 1 LH are provided. A spacer is provided for attachment to submachine guns or other fixed-barrel weapons. At 7.2 inches, it remains quiet while its 1.38-inch diameter co-witnesses the sights well. At 9 ounces, it remains light without sacrificing reliability over several different platforms.

Range Time

I have been using and testing the P320 since its introduction in almost every concealable configuration. Accuracy has always been excellent, and the TAC OPS Carry was no exception. Groups were mostly in the sub 2”-inch range at 25 yards, with the best group at right around 1.75 inches using Sig Sauer’s’ 124-Grain V-Crown.  Sights were tall enough, and it was pretty easy to aim properly at range, while the white dots were very bright in the sun. During close quarters drills without the suppressor, the TAC OPS Carry was very fast to target. The P320 trigger remains one of my favorites with is solid construction (no break or bend) and no trigger mounted drop safety. 

SIG ships the TACOPS model with a generous four-count of 21-round magazines.

Reliability was excellent across a broad range of ammunition when unsuppressed, but a bit less so using the SRD9. It would not cycle the slower 115-grain ammunition, and even some of the faster loads would not consistently lock the slide open on the last round. Move up to 124-grain ammunition and it ran fine—the hotter the better.  With the 147-grain Federal it was accurate and reliable, and the subsonic load from Ammo Inc also functioned well. 

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