Taurus Moves to Bainbridge Georgia

Station 1 paid homage to the G2c and the TH9. The G2c is Taurus’s striker-fired compact pistol, designed for concealed carry. The TH9 is their hammer-fired DA/SA that is built on a lightweight frame . . . the other guns on the table must remain unnamed for now. We all took turns trying to spin a Revolution Targets hostage target. Having 17 rounds certainly worked to our advantage and the fastest shooters were able to get it completely around before their opponent could best them. With the level of talent on the range that day it often came down to the fastest reload.

Next up was a trip up the hill to the currently operational rifle range. Here the largest caliber handguns and the smallest caliber rifles were fired out to 100 yards. Taurus has plans to push this range out to 300 yards in the near future.

Our group’s second station brought us up the hill to the new rifle range and a slew of Rossi rifles and Raging Hunter revolvers. At distances out to 100 yards we plinked steel with a variety of current production rifles and a new rimfire that should be out this summer. Every so often the ping of a .17HMR or .22LR was over powered by the THUD of a .44 magnum or even a .454 Casull, nearly knocking over the gongs!

Jessie Harrison always takes time out of her busy match schedule to hang with us on range day. Here she talked to us about some of the newest inspirations based on the TX22 rimfire pistol, as well as providing some pointers on getting better at Steel Challenge

Heading back down the hill took us to the furthest station to the left, headed up by Taurus’s own team captain, Jessie Harrison. Jessie is the first ladies Grand Master and shooting against her in USPSA steel challenge is nothing short of humbling. Her stage consisted mainly of the new rimfire TX22 pistol as well as some new ideas inspired by their newest US made product.

Wheel guns galore! Fellow writer, Larry Case, inspects the .357 Magnum Raging Hunter as he prepares to run the plate rack. Also on the table are the newest color offerings of the compact 852 snub-nose revolvers.

After leaving what is always my favorite station we found ourselves overlooking the revolver table on the 4th station. Engineer Ryan Clawson chatted with us about their famous wheel guns as we fired their line of 856 .38 Special revolvers (now available in a variety of colors), the .357 Magnum Raging Hunter and the classic Tracker hand cannon. Unloading cylinder after cylinder of ammo onto the Revolution Targets plate rack left us with just one station left, Heritage Firearms. Heritage is known for their rimfire single action 6-shooters that are not only incredibly accurate, but also affordable.

It wouldn’t be a visit to Taurus without a session of breaking clays with a Judge. The little .410 shell still has enough power to break clays past “bad breath” distance. It’s challenging, but oh so much fun!

I can’t say what I shot there, but think “bigger.”Bigger is certainly the overall theme of the move and the tour that I was fortunate enough to be part of. Taurus manufacturing along with its sister companies, Rossi and Heritage, have been bringing affordable firearms to the shooting public in such great stride that they have literally outgrown their home. The folks in Bainbridge have welcomed them with open arms and we cannot wait to go back to see the plant when it is completely operational this August. Keep to On Target magazine and Ontargetmagazine.com for the latest coverage, as well as reviews on some of the big things to come!