Crimson Trace 1-8x28mm Tactical Riflescope

A premium, well optioned/priced low-power-variable and free batteries for life . . . what’s not to like?

Turrets are graduated in .2 Mil increments with 12 mils total per rotation, and the large 34mm tube allows for 35 mils of available elevation and wind adjustment. Illumination settings include 3 night-vision and 7 daytime settings.

With the increased focus on bolt rifles the last few years the scope market has all but exploded. Offerings have increased from entry level in the $300 range to those costing 10 times that. Optics in the middle—$800.00 to $2000—have seen the greatest difference. Not only more offerings, but better quality and features for the money.  Crimson Trace is one such company introducing an entire line of optics ranging from $500 to just under $2,000. Their 1-8 power 5 series Tactical scope is a solid example of what increased demand can do.

Crimson Trace CTL-5108 1-8 power Mil/Mil FFP Scope

Magnification dial turned easily and gave good traction. The CTL-5108 is fully waterproof, shock proof, vibration proof, fog proof, recoil proof, and Nitrogen purged and features a lifetime warranty.

Multi-gun competition has driven the demand for scopes in the 1-4, 1-6 and 1-8 power range. Light weight, versatility and ease of mounting make them ideal. Courses of fire closer to 500 yards makes the 1-8 power desirable. Suitable for light (.223) and heavy (.308) rifles, it adds a ton of versatility, and simple Mil based reticles make moving between rifles, calibers or ammunition brands and bullet weights easy.

Crimson Trace’s CTL-5108 uses a single piece 6061-T6 34mm tube providing 35 mils of available elevation and wind adjustment. Leveling lines make mounting the scope even easier. Turrets are graduated in .2 Mil increments with 12 mils total per rotation. Both are capped for protection or when using the SR1-Mil reticle for holds. A center dot allows for precision shooting, and Mil lines extending both below and on either side in .5 Mil increments facilitate holds for elevation and wind. Each extends to 10 Mils—all visible on 8-power. On lower power an outer ring operates like a circle dot reticle for close-range operation. Illumination settings include 3 night-vision and 7 daytime settings using a single CR2032 battery. Mounted in the first focal plane, it is accurate at any power. The eyepiece includes rapid adjustment for reticle focus. Weight is 22.4 ounces, length is 10.9 inches and it retails for $1,499.

Premium multi-coated ED glass gives outstanding clarity all the way to the outer edges. Leveling lines make scope-mounting easier and flip-up lens covers are standard.

While the photos show the scope mounted on a ROBAR PolymAR15 carbine, actual testing was completed on a Savage Arms MSR 15 Competition model chambered in .223 Rem. with a Wylde chamber to accommodate 5.56 NATO as well. Purpose built for rifle competition, it is very accurate with an excellent trigger. Using a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel keeps is light, the adjustable gas block and muzzle brake keep it soft shooting. Mounted in a Warne XSKEL34 Gen 2 extended mount provided proper eye relief. Zeroing was easy and the turrets have readable numbers and a solid feel. Slipping the knobs (returning to zero) can be accomplished in the field. Shooting groups at 100 and 300 yards the scope held zero and did not shift.

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