Rock River Arms BT-9

Groups measured in the 1.5- to 2-inch range at 25 yards, often with the best four inside an inch. The BT-9 didn’t like early non-metal-lined Glock magazines but had zero issues with current metal-lined versions or the supplied ATS mag.

I also tried four different Glock 17 and 19 mags: an old Gen 1-2 non-drop free “U” notch version, a modern Gen 3-5 drop-free mag, a Magpul G17 mag, and the provided ATS mag. I soon discovered that the non-metal-lined Gen 1-2 wouldn’t even fit into the mag well. Thankfully, the modern metal lined Gen 3-5 Glock mag and the ATS had zero issues. I also used five different types of commonly available 9mm Luger ammo, none of it particularly high quality (or expensive). Nevertheless, shot from a bench rest the BT-9 turned in 5-round groups from all brands of ammunition in the 1.5- to 2-inch range at 25 yards, often with the best four inside an inch. Still with no clear winner, I pushed things out to 50 yards to separate the men from the boys. As it turns out, the boy of the bunch was the very 124-gr. Winchester load I thought would have the edge, with groups in the 5+ inch range. However, the other rounds came near or at 3 inches, with the victor being the Freedom Munitions 124-gr. HP Reman turning in a nicely centered 2.75-inch group. Recoil was negligible, with reliable lock back on empty mags. Testing complete, I re-assessed.  Would this be my preferred platform for self-defense? No, though it could definitely fill that role. Was it fun? Absolutely. Check out the BT-9 at your nearest dealer ($1,250), or for more information contact Rock River Arms; Tel.: (866) 980-7625; Web:

The BT-9 proved a blast to shoot, with excellent reliability—both suppressed and un-suppressed—and easy-to-manage recoil characteristics.

Rock River Arms BT9 9mm:

BARREL: 7” Chrome Moly, 1:10 Twist

MUZZLE: A2 Flash Hider, Threaded 1/2-36

HAND GUARD: RRA Lightweight Aluminum M-LOK

FURNITURE: RRA Pistol Grip, SBA3 Brace

RECEIVERS: Billet Aluminum Lower, Forged Upper


MAGAZINE: Glock-Compatible 9mm 17 round

WEIGHT: 5.4-pounds

LENGTH: 26” Extended

MSRP: $1,250.00