2019 Editor’s Choice Award – Velocity Triggers Recoil-Less Bolt Carrier

As of very recently, Velocity Triggers—makers of some of the finest drop-in triggers and other ancillary AR-15 components—threw their hat in the “low-mass AR-15 bolt-carrier” ring with an all-inclusive, lightweight solution called the Recoil-Less Bolt Carrier. When ordered with the company’s adjustable gas block—which will let you reduce the gas pressure accordingly for increased reliability, reduced parts wear and an even softer recoil impulse—it can be considered a complete and tunable package.

At 6.8-oz., the steel-construction Recoil-Less carrier sheds almost 3-oz. off a Mil-Spec bolt carrier housing, with material carved out in all non-critical areas. This reduced mass has a very noticeable effect on felt-recoil and muzzle rise, allowing for faster follow-up shots—a measurable advantage for competitive shooters. Helping the carrier run back and forth reliably within the receiver is an advanced Nano Diamond Nickel coating, which is not only super-slick, it’s also harder and more wear-resistant than most other coatings currently used.

The Recoil-Less Bolt Carrier is available as a bare bolt carrier, a complete bolt-carrier group or as a complete package with the bolt-carrier group and adjustable gas block. Check it out ($199.95 to $299.95) at Velocity Tiggers; Tel.: (602) 595-5931; Web: www.velocitytriggers.com