HI VIZ Lightwave H3 Sights

The new Lightwave H3 day/night sights from Hi Viz feature all steel construction for the roughest use—personal defense, law enforcement or military. Employing a combination of ultra-bright encapsulated Tritium with fiber optic light pipes, they offer sight visibility in all lighting conditions, fit standard holsters and maintain factory sight heights. Priced at $135 per front/rear non-adjustable set, they are available for the HK VP9, VP40, HK45 and P30; S&W 9EZ Shield, EZ 380, M&P and M&P Shield; all generation Glock models chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, 357 Sig, 10mm and .45 ACP, and plus Glock models 42/43 (pictured); Kimber 1911s; and Springfield Armory XD. Fixed front sights ($55) are offered for the Ruger GP100 model with spring plunger retained front sight and adjustable rear sight; and S&W revolvers with DX type spring plunger retained front sight. Contact HI VIZ; Tel.: (800) 589-4315; Web: www.hivizsights.com