Bear OPS Bold Action 14 Auto Knife

Bear OPS Bold Action 14 Auto Knife ($119.99)

With its diminutive 1.75-inch blade, the new Bear OPS Bold Action 14 auto knife from Bear & Son Cutlery sails under the radar of the California government — with its sub-2-inch-blade mandate — to become a fully-legal auto. For the rest of us, it’s simply a conveniently-sized auto knife that will all but disappear, wether it’s stowed in your pocket via the pocket clip, or tucked in the smallest pocket of your EDC pack. The blade is made from a super-durable/corrosion-resistant 14C28N stainless-steel and given a black finish; mounted to a lightweight aluminum chassis (available in six color options), the Bold Action 14 tips the scales at just 1.3 oz. Lockable to prevent inadvertent activation, the blade is deployed and unlocked for folding by the same activation button. For more information contact Bear and Son Cutlery; Tel.: (256) 435-2227; Web: