Rossi Gallery Pump-Action .22LR

Rossi Gallery Pump-Action .22LR ($250)

The classic is back — the pump-action gallery gun; one of the most endearing and fun to shoot hammer-fired, pump-actions ever made. Styled after the original gallery guns of the late 1890s, this sliding-action pump rifle is chambered in .22LR and features a polished black 18-inch barrel and boasts a 15-round tube magazine, which is sure to keep the fun repeating round after round. Available in either wood or synthetic models; our favorite is, without question, the wooden version equipped with a German beechwood stock and ribbed pump grip with Buckhorn-style sights that are adjustable and provide quick sight alignment with a more classic view. For more information contact Rossi USA; Tel.: (800)948-8029; web: