Real Avid Master Gun Vise

Real Avid Master Gun Vise ($299.99)

Every household can find more than a few uses for a good table vise, however, your hardware store special is not exactly what we’d consider ideally suited for gun plumbing — but a fix is in. The innovator of gun tools, Real Avid, knows this all too well and has created a multi-axis bench mount vise. Just as the name implies, this multi-axis vice allows you to quickly reposition your gun to any orientation without ever removing it from the vise — a very handy feature. The vise operates on an articulating ball and socket joint that is quickly tensioned with a speed-cam compression lever. When applying heavy force, simply insert the Torq-Lok pin to fully lock the vice in place. The removable and reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves offer padded sides to protect wood stocks and forends and can be used for a specific gun grip or turn the leveling knob for simple scope mounting, leveling, and much more. See it at your nearest dealer or contact Real Avid; Tel.: (800) 286-0567; Web: