Swagger Shooter Series Bipods

Without question, an adjustable bipod makes precision shooting quite a bit easier. New for 2021, Swagger Bipods launched two new bipods ($200-250) to make you more stable, whether on the bench or afield. First up (and pictured) is the SFR10 (Flex to Rigid) quick-detach bipod that is adjustable from 6-inches to 10.5-inches. Weighing in at just 15.2 ounces, this quick detach bipod offers adjustable flexible tension, allowing the shooter to fine-tune leg flexibility to better conform to those uneven surfaces found in the field. If you’re shooting off a more stable platform such as a bench, the bipod legs can be adjusted to a rigid setting. The SFR10 attaches to your rifle via Picatinny rail mount, and the legs can be adjusted to a 45-degree angle for a lower shooting position.

The second bipod for 2021 is the SEA12 (Extreme Angle 12-inch), which as the name partially implies, features legs that are adjustable up to 12-inches in length. 9- to 12-inches, to be exact. The SEA12 is more of a traditional bipod that isn’t as full-featured as its SFR10 brethren but is no slouch either. The overmolded flex-ready joint offers a stable shooting platform and can be effectively loaded without fear of snapping a leg. The SEA12 is ideally suited to hunters and competitors who anticipate more extreme shooting angles and are looking for a bit of weight savings. See them at your nearest dealer or contact Swagger; Tel.: 308-675-3017; Web: swaggerbipods.com — Chris Mudgett