F.A.B. Defense Glock Ultimag

F.A.B. Defense Glock Ultimag ($20)

FAB Defense recently introduced its take on the Glock 17 and Glock 19 magazines, and they’re are a whole lot more than just alternatives. The Glock 17 magazine offers a total of 18-rounds, which is plus one capacity compared to the factory mag, while the 19 gets 16-rounds, again up one round from a factory magazine. Like we always say, carry the largest pistol you can comfortably carry that holds the most bullets. FAB Defense just helped us all hedge our bets a little more.

Two base plates are available, tactical and standard. The tactical variant facilitates easier extraction from a magazine pouch, even if you’re wearing gloves, while rough texture in key areas provides a secure grip even with wet hands. The Ultimag is compatible with generation 1-5 Glock 9mm pistols and features a blue-colored follower as a quick visual reference that the magazine is empty — a nice touch. For more information contact F.A.B. Defense; Tel.: (386) 263-3054; web: www.fab-defenseus.com