Black Hills Ammunition 10mm HoneyBadger

Black Hills Ammunition 10mm HoneyBadger ($TBA)

FINALLY, Black Hills is releasing a 10mm load in its HoneyBadger line — count us among the many who weep with happiness. The HoneyBadger quickly made a name for itself as a round that corkscrews through intermediate barriers with the tenacity of the animal it’s named after. It just don’t care.

The sharp frontal edges of the solid-copper bullet enhance penetration; the flutes then gather, redirect, and accelerate the tissue radially from the bullet, creating damage comparable or superior to the best hollow points currently available. Deep flutes are designed for optimal terminal performance, penetrating deeply, and cutting through bone and muscle to get to vitals. As we all are aware, this is of utmost importance with all hunting rounds, particularly so when you’re also relying on your handgun for personal protection, and especially when you’re on the menu of a giant, furry creature. Whichever the case, the HoneyBadger gives you the advantage; the 115-grain 10mm projectile cranks along at a muzzle velocity of 1,600fps from a 5-inch barrel and generates 654 ft-lbs. of energy. If you’re looking for penetration, and you should be for bear defense, the 10mm HoneyBadger is your load. For more information, contact Black Hills Ammunition; Tel.: (605) 348-5150; Web: